Perfluorooctanoic Acid Update

Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) has been a subject of much news coverage here in Vermont. PFOA was used historically in the making of Teflon, wire coatings and non-stick fabrics. PFOA has been identified as a soil and groundwater contaminant at specific industrial sites in Vermont where it was used. Therefore, groundwater wells used as a drinking water source in these specific industrial use areas have been identified as being at risk.

Facts About the Champlain Water District

Champlain Water District wants to inform our customers of the following facts:

  • Champlain Water District’s surface water source is from the deep underwater canyon of Shelburne Bay, at 75 feet of depth and a half-mile from shore. CWD made this investment in our protected deep-water intake to be well beyond potential sources of contamination.
  • The testing of CWD’s finished water shows that PFOA was not detected in CWD’s drinking water.
  • CWD’s “Excellence in Water Treatment” award winning water supply has been monitored quarterly for PFOA beginning in May of 2014 through January 2015.
  • Champlain Water District serves the following twelve municipal water systems:
    • Colchester Fire District 1
    • Colchester Fire District 3
    • Colchester Town
    • Essex Junction
    • Essex Town
    • Malletts Bay Water Company
    • Milton
    • Shelburne
    • South Burlington
    • Village of Jericho
    • Williston
    • Winooski

Monitoring Update on PFOA / PFOS - July 2017

CWD began monitoring for PFOA and PFOS in May 2014 and at the current time we test three samples per year. All sampling for PFOA /PFOS continue to be "Not Detected" in CWD supplied drinking water given our surface water source.