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Why do the drains in my house smell?

Basically there are two reasons for a drain to smell (or go septic) which is most often described as sewer, stinky, or sulfurous. They include:

  • A little used drain and its associated trap may go dry, which lets the drain emit sewer gases. Periodically running water into the drain helps to keep the trap filled and operating properly thereby stemming the sewer gas issue.
  • The accumulation of organic products in a drain or trap can emit a host of odors and the problem becomes noticeably worse after hot water is introduced into the drain, especially after the drain has sat unused overnight. The steam or hot air from the drain mixes with the organic byproducts and wafts upwards towards the users nose and then the user thinks they have a smelly water problem when the issue is actually the drain or trap. This is more common than you think. Cleaning the drain is the only way to resolve the issue.

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