Wholesale is responsible for all preventative maintenance and repair management of CWD’s major assets, including lake water and finished water pumps, transmission water valves & mains, storage facilities, remote facilities, booster pump stations, fleet vehicles, equipment and buildings and grounds. The Department partners with other CWD divisions to administer the District’s asset management, GIS and CAD programs. The diverse responsibilities of the Wholesale Maintenance crew include working with and supporting efforts with the activities and projects of CWD’s Engineering, Water Quality/Operations, Retail and Electrical & Technologies groups.

  1. Melissa Hood

    Asst. GM/Director of Transmission
    Phone: 802-864-7454 ext. 4812

  2. George Wimble II

    Transmission Supervisor

  3. Fax: 802-864-0435

  4. Alex Arsenault

    GIS/Asset Management Analyst
    Phone: 802-864-7454 ext. 4829

  1. Austin Combs

    Transmission Maintenance Specialist

  2. Adam Rule

    Transmission Maintenance Technician

  3. Mark Sterling

    Transmission Maintenance Technician